Crighton Motorcycles and Rotron Power Ltd have revealed a new, ultra-exclusive CR700W, which houses one of the most powerful - relative to cubic capacity - normally aspirated engines ever created. Just 25 of the unique machines will be handbuilt by Brian Crighton, and entirely in the UK, and priced from £145,000+VAT.

Delivering 220hp at 10,500rpm from its fuel-injected, twin-rotor, 690cc engine, the CR700W produces 319hp per litre. By comparison, the most powerful normally aspirated Formula 1 engine - Ferrari’s F2004 - generates 309hp per litre at a frantic 18,500rpm, and the very latest MotoGP bikes deliver around 300hp per litre.

Generating 105ft/lbs of peak torque at 9,500rpm - more than Aprilia’s RSV4 or Suzuki’s Hayabusa - the CR700W’s rotary engine also delivers incredibly tractable and usable power, and is vibration-free thanks to precision balancing. It is completed by a spine-tingling exhaust note.

The CR700W boasts a power-to-weight ratio of 1.68hp per kg, greater than any superbike available, thanks to its feather-light 129.5kg dry weight. Put into context, the most powerful racing-spec superbikes deliver circa 1.5hp per kg while factory MotoGP machines deliver 1.65hp - 1.78hp per kg.

Agile handling comes from its exceptionally low centre of mass and ultra-light weight, with a chassis and monoshock swing arm fabricated from 7000 series aluminium alloy. Dymag carbon fibre wheels help reduce unsprung weight, while Brembo provide the stopping power. Customers can choose between Öhlins or Bitubo suspension.

Alex Head, CEO of Rotron Power Ltd says,

“The CR700W is a unique motorcycling masterpiece and a true work of art, born out of Brian’s passion and genius when it comes to creating extraordinary engines and race bikes. It is more powerful per cc than any other normally aspirated engine in the world, with a greater power-to-weight ratio than the Aprilia RSV4, or even the supercharged Kawasaki H2R.“The performance speaks for itself, yet despite the numbers it is far from a highly-stressed racing engine that needs rebuilding after every race weekend, and instead, thanks to its low-revving design, ultra-low friction materials and unique internal geometry, it is resoundingly robust and reliable, and will run a full season before requiring internal inspection. There are few machines as exclusive, with performance and uniqueness to match.”

Brian Crighton commented,

“In so many ways the CR700W is the culmination of my career’s achievements. Developed with my excellent lead engineer, Shamoon Qurashi, it encapsulates the absolute best of my engineering wisdom. And I believe the result is the ultimate track and racing motorcycle.”

Test rider and former British Superstock 600 champion, Mason Law, added,

“Riding the Crighton was a phenomenal experience. The raw speed of the motorcycle was mind-blowing. I felt like I was propelling down the runway of an aircraft carrier in an F-35 jet. This raw speed coupled with its lightweight means it has the power-to-weight ratio of a modern MotoGP bike with buckets of torque. It’s definitely smile-inducing.”
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